Welcome to Nicholson McBride’s 360° Feedback Process

About Us

We are Europe’s original business psychology consultancy. We have over 25 years’ experience and have worked in more than 350 organisations, in all sectors, in 24 different countries.

Everything we do is about helping people fulfill their potential, whatever their level, thereby enhancing the organisation’s performance. For further details of our services, please visit www.nicholsonmcbride.com.

Unlock the potential of your organisation

We use 360° degree feedback to give people insight into what the business needs and the nature of their own personal offering – helping to ensure that they are set up to take the organisation to where it needs to go.

As qualified psychologists, we will add enormous value to the feedback process: we can understand people at a deep level, and get beneath the surface of issues. We go beyond just giving people the feedback data, helping them to see its relevance and apply what they learn about themselves to their current and future business setting.

If you would like to learn more about how Nicholson McBride can help your organisation, please call 020 7432 8460 or email us.